MIMA Therapy

MIMA Therapy
Modern Integrated Rehabilitation Program
More intense, much anticipation

What is MIMA Therapy?

MIMA Therapy is a rehabilitation program that gets you back to your favorite past time activities. It involves fun new techniques that help you regain your strength, balance and agility. MIMA Therapy is highly motivational and interactive. By systematically measuring your progress, MIMA Therapy provides you with personalized results that help you rehabilitate much quicker than conventional therapies.

Whether recovering from an injury or returning to your play, our highly trained therapists and MIMA Therapy's preplanned protocols are efficiently designed to help you meet your goals.

At MIMA facilities, our innovative approach to rehab uses the latest technology combined with a hands on approach to custom designed therapy treatments and lets our patients achieve more than they thought possible. Along with our MIMA Concierge service, special needs are catered and accommodated to each resident during the stay.

We don't believe in an assembly line of exercises, rather in a dynamic program that is challenging ,effective and takes into account the various conditions our patients experience.

Available Facilities
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